“It is a privilege to participate in the work of the Father who forms the heart of the Son in those whom the Spirit has called.”

With these words, Pope Francis encouraged participants in an international congress for formators of consecrated men and women to carry on in their work. The congress was held in Rome last week on the theme “To Live in Christ According to the Way of Life of the Gospel.”

“Seeing you so numerous one wouldn’t say that there is a vocational crisis!” Francis said.

“However, in reality,” the Jesuit Pontiff said, “there is an undoubted quantitative diminution, and this renders the task of formation even more urgent, a formation that truly molds the heart of young people to the heart of Jesus, until we have his same sentiments.”

The Pontiff also stated his ‘conviction’ that there won’t be a vocational crisis where there are consecrated persons capable of transmitting, with their own witness, the beauty of consecration, “and the testimony is fruitful.”

“If there is no witness, if there is no coherence, there will be no vocations.”

The Pope told them that they are called to this witness. “This is your ministry, your mission. You are not just ‘teachers’; you are above all witnesses of the following of Christ in your own charism.”

This can be done if every day one rediscovers with joy that one is a disciple of Jesus, he pointed out.


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