The Truth

Building A Legacy 2016: Fr. Mike Schmitz
Objective truth vs subjective truth.

Fr. Schmitz first of two talks at Building A Legacy 2016: Heart Of A Lion Catholic Men's Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan
Fr. Schmitz talks to the men about being called to be a disciple.

Jesus Christ's Church - Many have tried to destroy it
In 2000 years, no one ever could.

The Church that Jesus Christ established

Jennifer Fulwiler - From Atheist to Catholic - 2015 Steubenville DFC

"That answered prayer was letting me know that I can trust him.
because before that moment I had thought of being a Catholic as an intellectual
endeavor like you might decide to become a republican or democrat or libertarian.
I had examined the issues and come down on the side of Catholicism and that's all it was; 
And what I  learned with what happened in my life there is that Jesus Christ is a person.
And that the truth that I had always been looking for is not just a concept but as a person.

The biggest thing I learned through this crazy conversion it is the most important lesson 
in the world but it is so easy to forget and that is that the truth is not a concept but it is
a person, the living person of Jesus Christ who is with you and will take an active role in your
life and he will help you and anything you go through and until you understand that you will never
fully understand the truth."