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Faith Apps

FOCUSFOCUS Equip (Free) | Android | Apple

The Fellowship of Catholic University Students offers its resources for Bible study, faith formation and evangelization in a convenient app designed to appeal to young adults. You get audio talks by leading Catholic evangelizers; complete Bible study sessions with topics and questions; How-to series on evangelization, disicpleship, and leading a Bible study; videos and full-length audio talks from FOCUS conferences and much more. FOCUS has been on a spirit-filled mission to enhance faith formation with Catholic college students for a number of years. This app showcases a sampling of their considerable educational resources. While it is ideal for young adults, it is offers great material for folks of all ages looking to amp up their knowledge base and spiritual/faith formation.

Catechism of the Catholic Church as a text resource is imbedded in 

Laudate (Free) | Android | Apple | Kindle Fire

Within these two apps, Catechism text is available as a web view display as it is published on the Vatican web site. Internet connection required. Due to copyright issues, generally, the only way you can view the Catechism using a mobile app is if it is embedded from the Vatican source as it is in these apps.  Free on-line version here. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops offers the Catechism as a downloadable electronic book ($9.99) iOS and Mac to be read on Apple’s iBook format.

Inst-of-Catholic-CultureInstitute of Catholic Culture (Free) | Apple

If an app can induce a backflip, this would be it–at least for me. Here is your opportunity to browse hundreds of hours of audio and video lectures live and on-demand on a whole host of topics related to the Catholic faith. This serendipitous find is brought to you as a gift of the New Evangelization by the Institute of Catholic Culture, an adult catechetical organization that offers education programs structured upon the classical liberal arts. This is serious content delivered to you by competent and faithful lecturers in their fields; but it is not erudite or elitist. It is down to earth and rock solid Catholic on topics such as Scripture, Church History, Philosophy, Politics, Theology, Ethics, Ancient/Biblical World and much more. Popular lecturers include Msgr. Charles Pope, Alice von Hildebrand, Fr. George Rutler, Dale Ahlquist, Deacon Keith Fournier, William Marshner, Bishop Robert Morlino, Timothy O’Donnell, Fr. Paul Scalia, Bishop Clarence Silva, Bishop Robert Vasa and more. What is missing from that list is women. Surely, beyond Dr. von Hildebrand, women scholars could be found to enlighten us on a variety of topics. In this day and age, that can be considered a serious flaw in catechetical presentation.


One Parish Catholic AppOne Parish (Free) | Android | Apple

This app is designed to connect you to a local parish using a geo-locator map that shows all the Catholic churches in your area. Explore your Catholic faith in some of the content offered and, of course, stop in to the brick-and-mortar building for a visit, especially during Mass times. The app insists that you choose a parish before your proceed any further. Once you are connected to a parish, it’s YOURS (unless you wish to change it, which is easy to do). In your parish’s portal, you have all the information you need to start engagement–most notably a Mass schedule, contact information and a link to the parish web site. Because this app is relatively new, not all parishes are up and running with other elements on the app like a parish directory and pastor’s message. Do double-check with the parish web site for accurate schedules as many parishes do not keep updated with the national program (Mass Times) which collects their data.