The seeds of the Gospel were silently sown, grown and reached fruitship
in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs

Reliquaries containing the relics of the Martyrs of Vietnam

Dominican Martyrs of Vietnam

Martyrdom of St. Jacinto Maria Castañeda, O.P.

Martyrdom of Sts. Paul Mi, Pierre Duong, and Pierre Truat at Son-Tay in 1838

Bl. Andre Phú Yên, Proto-martyr of Vietnam

S. Ignacio Clemente Delgado, O.P.

Missionary to Vietnam for nearly 50 years. Co-adjutor vicar-apostolic at East Tonkin, Vietnam and titular bishop of Metellopolis on 11 February 1794. During government oppression of Christianity, he was locked in a cage, put on public display for ridicule and abuse, and left to die. One of the Tonkinese Martyrs.